Online Summer Academy 2022: Schedule

There were fifteen workshop sessions of 90 minutes each, combining phases of interactive lecturing, collaborative teamwork, and periods of individual work. All participants were expected to join all fifteen sessions. However, some sessions were dedicated to group or individual work or recorded and made available for later access (which was convenient for participants in different time zones than the facilitator). The academy ended with a project festival, during which participants of each workshop presented their common group output. Some time of the workshop sessions was used to prepare this group output. However, the preparation of this output could require some additional time, outside of the initially allocated workshop slots.

We expected all participants to take part in the introductory sessions on 29 and 30 July (Welcome & Introduction, Socializing & Get To Know) as well as the Presentations Festival and the Final Plenary.

The Evening Program was open to all participants as well as the wider public. Of course, it was best to participate live so that participants were able to take part in the discussion. However, as the timing may not be convenient for participants from all time zones, we recorded lectures and panel discussions and made them available here. Now everyone can watch the recordings at their convenience.

The Open Spaces were time slots during which participants shaped the Summer Academy's program themselves. They presented their own research and projects, discussed topics they are passionate about and engaged in other fun activities. While these sessions were optional, it was highly recommended to participate in a few of them in order to get the full experience.

You can download the schedule for the Online Summer Academy 2022 here:

Download schedule



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