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Level: beginner 2020
Level: advanced 2020
Level: advanced 2020
Level: advanced 2020
Level: beginner 2020
Level: beginner 2020
Level: beginner 2020
Level: beginner
Title Provider Start Level
An Introduction to Political Economy and Economics n.a. 29-04-2020 beginner
Using Big Data to Solve Economic and Social Problems Harvard University self paced beginner
Economics of Climate-Resilient Development - self paced advanced
Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crisis The New School flexible advanced
Introduction to Complexity Santa Fe Institute always beginner
Capitalism: Success, Crisis, and Reform Yale University always advanced
Network Theory Introduction - self paced advanced
Complex adaptive systems - self paced advanced
Political Economy of Institutions and Development Universiteit Leiden 02.03.2020 beginner
Sustainability in Everyday Life Chalmers University of Technology always beginner

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