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Mariana Mazzucato
Ted Talks
Government - investor, risk-taker, innovator 00:14:05
Level: beginner 2013
Dita Dobranja
Exploring Economics
Global care chains, refugee crisis, and deskilling of workers
Level: beginner 2017
Exploring Economics
Exploring Economics
Free trade in economic theories
Level: beginner 2016
Jannis Eicker, Katharina Keil
Exploring Economics
Who cares? A convergence of feminist economics and degrowth
Level: beginner 2017
Heske von Doornen
Economics: An Illustrated Timeline
Level: beginner 2017
David Harvey; Abi Stephenson
RSA ANIMATE: Crises of Capitalism 00:11:10
Level: beginner 2010
Gilles Carbonnier
The Graduate Institute of G...
The Birth of Humanitarian Economics 4:51
Level: beginner 2015
Marie Jahoda
Otto Bauer Institut
Understanding the crisis
Level: beginner
Sedef Arat-Koç
Housework –
Level: beginner 2017
Francesca Sanders and Nina Schubert
Exploring Economics
How can childcare policy affect intra-household power dynamics?
Level: beginner
Rebecca Adamson
Rebecca Adamson: Enoughness - Restoring Balance to the Economy 00:40
Level: beginner 2013
Charmaine Chua
Container –
Level: beginner 2017
Chris Clarke
Borrowing –
Level: beginner 2017
Beatrice Cherrier
Lecture series at the Ruhr-...
Understanding the transformation of Economics through the history of JEL codes 01:14:24
Level: beginner 2017
Ann Ferguson, Rosemary Hennessey, Mec...
Stanford Encyclopedia of Ph...
Feminist Perspectives on Class and Work
Level: advanced 2016
Steve Keen
Exploring Economics 2017 Lectures 09:00:00
Level: expert 2017
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