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Exploring Economics starts new teaching fellowship

As a teaching fellow, we will accompany you for one semester and offer our support to integrate pluralist and innovative perspectives in your classes. We encourage you to register at any time of the year in order to exchange ideas and prepare a cooperation for the upcoming semester.


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Mainstream Economics Sold Out? - The results of the Online Summer Academy 2020

Current discourses on economic policy are characterized by catchwords like "lack of alternatives", "growth" or "the hard facts". Our answer: The economy is a multifaceted and complex phenomenon. The approaches of mainstream economics, however, are too limited and one-dimensional to fully comprehend it and offer little room for critical reflection. You can find a variety of results from the summer academy here!

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You can produce essays, dossiers, wiki-articles or creative content and publish your material under your name on Exploring Economics. As in journal publishing, we conduct a professional review process – however, your text will be freely available on our e-learning platform and serve as learning material for our users. read more...

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Our international editor community is constantly scouting, reviewing and implementing material for Exploring Economics. As an editor, you can join our peer review of suggested content, a topic-related working group or even create your own content. read more...

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Do you want to organize a writing workshop? We will support you! The goal of a writing workshop is to encourage an active examination of a topic or a perspective of pluralist economics. read more...

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Summer Academy

9 workshops, 90 participants, 20 lecturers. One week of eye-opening and engaging learning. We offer yearly Summer Academies. read more...

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The movement for Pluralism in Economics comprises a network of groups from across the globe. read more...

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