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Exploring Economics is an open project of the Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerks Plurale Ökonomik e.V.) and the International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics (ISIPE). The project is made up of many local groups and individuals, with numerous opportunities to participate. We look forward to hearing from you.


Exploring Economics is looking for contributors to review and summarize material. Please get in touch to suggest videos, literature, or websites, to set up a digital reading group, or to submit an essay.

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Summer Academy

9 workshops, 90 participants, 20 lecturers. One week of eye-opening and engaging learning. Your academic experience of the year. August 9 - 16, 2019.


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Organizing a Writing Workshop

Do you want to organize a writing workshop? We will support you! The goal of a writing workshop is to encourage an active examination of a topic or a perspective of pluralist economics. In the course of a 2-3-day workshop, about 15 participants (students and young scholars) will discuss and reflect different topics.

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Writing Workshop on Socio-Ecological Economics

In the writing workshop on Socio-Ecological Economics from 2. - 4. March 2018 in Vienna, we worked together on topics in Ecological Economics: Everything from resources and sinks, to (care-)work, to society, to technologies will be part of our essays. The result will be published on Exploring Economics, soon.

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Writing Workshop on a new Critique of the new Mainstream

"A new Critique of the new Mainstream" from 9. - 11. March 2018 in Berlin! Did you ever wonder if economics is in a good state since the empirical turn, randomized control trials, DSGE models, and Behavioural Economics? Is the gender dummy the end of feminist economics? And what do we need Political Economy for? This is what our writing workshop was about, the result will be published on Exploring Economics, soon.

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Summer Academy

Two summer academies with nine workshops have already taken place near Erfurt. One week of intensive learning and understanding.


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Pluralist Economics Fellowship

In the last three months of 2018, the Minerva University and Exploring Economics launched a Fellowship programme, giving students the opportunity to participate in Exploring Economics.

During the fellowship, which ran from late September and finished in December, Fellows contributed as editors to Exploring Economics, suggesting, assessing and creating new material for the e-learning platform.


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Rethinking Economics

Our friends from Rethinking Economics are campaigning for pluralism all over the world.


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The movement for Pluralism in Economics comprises a network of groups from across the globe. Many of these groups are associated with the International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics.





This project is brought to you by the Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.).  It is committed to diversity and independence and is dependent on donations from people like you. Regular or one-off donations would be greatly appreciated.