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Summer Academy 2023




Economic thinking paves the way towards our common future.

Economic paradigms, penetrating deep into the policy sphere, shape the world we live in today. Moreover, they provide a compass that indicates the direction for the future trajectory of our individual lives, communities, and societies.

Currently, we are witnessing a rapid succession of crises which have serious consequences for people's wellbeing not least because of their implications for the economic systems we rely on. We are not only observing a war in Europe and a global pandemic that reveal our deep economic interconnectedness in a drastic manner, but also experience inaction in the face of the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis as well as diverse forms of inequalities, discrimination, and polarization.

It's time to reconfigure our compass.

In order to address today's diverse challenges, we need to fix our compass. Based on a participative process, we ought to reevaluate the dirction into which we collectively want to head. Fortunately, economics is a discipline that offers a wide array of tools to analyze the status quo and its genesis, and to subsequently guide us onto a new, more sustainable and just, path. The Summer Academy invited its participants on a journey through the past and present of economic narratives, providing puzzle pieces for them to imagine and assemble a vision of the future.

The Online Summer Academy 2022 took place from July 29 to August 5.

Lecture Recordings

Together, around 80 participants and 20 lecturers from around the world embarked on a journey to discover heterodox economics and to shift the economic mainstream. In each of the 10 diverse workshops, committed students had the opportunity to take a deep dive into one subject pertaining to heterodox conomics. The workshop facilitators are experts in their field and have a passion for teaching. Beyond participating in the workshops, participants took part in discussions, lectures, and open spaces allowing them to expand their horizon, to share their thoughts and a laugh, and to challenge their perspectives on a range of subjects.

Workshop Outputs

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The Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics 2022 is over, but the organization for the Summer Academy 2023 is just about to start! Want to join next year's organizing team? Just drop an email to Leuza Zaiti ( and we will invite you to the first organizing meeting, which will most likely take place at the beginning of October 2022.

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Questions & Answers

We have compiled frequent questions and our answers for you to learn more about the Summer Academy in general as well as this year's edition. read more...


You’d like to find out more about what happened during the Summer Academy? With this schedule, you have the program at a glance. read more...


We have organized ten workshops which will run in parallel throughout the Summer Academy week. Each one focused on an alternative approach to economics or economic policy and offered a comprehensive introduction into the subject matter. read more...

Evening Program

We have invited thought-provoking experts and leading scholars from various backgrounds to share their insights with us in different engaging formats, such as panel discussions and lectures. Find the links to the recordings here! read more...

Facilitators & Speakers

The workshop facilitators and evening lecturers are experts in their respective fields and committed to diversifying teaching in economics. read more...

Global Pluralist Economics Training

To be able to learn from and debate with each other on an equal footing, we aim to further internationalize this movement. For this reason we set up a global training program for participants from the Global South as an extension to the Online Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics. read more...

Organizing Team

We are a group of students from all over the world. We have waited long enough for universities to change curricula in favour of more pluralism and diversity, and therefore took matters into our own hands -- the Summer Academy is the kind of education we want. read more...


Find out what one needed to provide as part of the application to participate in the 2022 Summer Academy. We invited people from all over the world and from all disciplines to apply, provided they are eager to spend one week diving into heterodox economics and are able to converse in English. read more...

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This project is brought to you by the Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.).  It is committed to diversity and independence and is dependent on donations from people like you. Regular or one-off donations would be greatly appreciated.