Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics 2019: Evening Lectures


Friday, August 9 - Lecture: Put a Price on Carbon and Save the Climate? The Role of Market-based Instruments to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Constanze Haug (International Carbon Action Partnership, Berlin)  


Sunday, August 11 - Lecture: Where Does Economics Head Towards?

Helge Peukert (University of Siegen)


Monday, August 12 - Panel Discussion: Should Housing Be Seen as a Matter of Public Service or Left to the Market?

Silke Helfrich (Commons-Institut e.V., Neudenau)
Uwe Flurschütz (Wohnopia e.V., Erfurt)
Claus Michelsen (German Institute for Economic Research, Berlin)
David Matthée (Foundation Trias)


Tuesday, August 13 - Lecture: Wellbeing Instead of Growth. Why Our Idea of Development Must Be Completely Rethought

Katherine Trebeck (Wellbeing Economies Alliance, Glasgow)


Wednesday, August 14 - Panel Discussion: Development Policy at a Dead End? New Perspectives on the Global Development Agenda

Anna Cavazzini (MEP, The Greens/EFA)
Ivan Rajic (University of Sheffield)
Farwa Sial (University of Manchester)


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