Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics 2018: Evening Lectures


Saturday, August 4 - Lecture: What are Pluralist Economics?

Svenja Flechtner (University of Siegen), Birte Strunk (ZOE. Institute for future-fit economies).


Sunday, August 5 - Panel Discussion: The State of Economic Teaching 10 years after the crash.

Panelists: Alexander Kriwoluzky (German Institute for Economic Research), Stephan Panther (Cusanus University), Julia Schmid (Network for Pluralist Economics).


Monday, August 6 - Lecture: 10 Years After The Crash- Why it matters, what has been done, what's next

Speaker: Hannes Böhm (Heinrich Böll Foundation).


Tuesday, August 7 - Lecture: Socioecological Transformation and transformative Economics

Speaker: Maja Göpel (German Advisory Council on Global Change).


Wednesday, August 8 - Panel Discussion: Financial Market Regulations

Panelists: Prof. Dr. Dorothea Schäfer (German Institute for Economic Research, Berlin) and Dr. Hubert Temmeyer (German Federal Bank)


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