Alexandra Efstathiades I am from Vienna, Austria. I completed a BA in Cultural and Social Anthropology in Austria and the U.S.A. and a BEd in Education. During this time I was chair of the student union, passionately advocating for innovation and equality in higher education. I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in the US and as a College Professor in Vienna. I am now a MSc student in Socioeconomics at the University of Business and Economics in Vienna.
Amanda Akemi Ribeiro BA in International Relations from UFRJ (Brazil). Amanda is interested in Development Economics, Economics of Innovation, Science and Technology Policy, particularly in understanding the role of the State in leading Economic growth through innovation.
Andrea Cuadra
Angeles Rubio
Anja Crusius
Eleonora Monaci I am an undergraduate student at the University of Aberdeen in Economics and History.
Ellen Brett
Jakob Nitschke I am a MA Political Economy student at Kingston University
Jerome Warren Graduate of Master in Pluralistic Economics in Siegen, Germany. I am working towards establishing a PhD research project studying organizational democracy, governance issues and sustainability within the context of the cooperative (third) sector. Interests include democracy, worker ownership, inequality, ecology, feminism. More broadly: classical political economy, interdisciplinary social sciences. Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
Jordi Burger
Joseph Moggridge
Josie McCauley Josie McCauley is an Economic major at Colorado College. She has taken 10 courses in the field to date, ranging from the Economics of Higher Education to Econometrics, and worked as a teaching assistant for a Personal Finance course. She is involved in Women in Business and has a passion for making economics more accessible and less jargonized.
Julia Schmid is working as a research and teaching assistant and is a PhD student at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart. She has studied in Würzburg, Seville, Stuttgart and Singapore and holds a Master's degree in International Business and Economics.
Julia Kaff During my study of sociology in Vienna, I have already dealt with multiple approaches of economics. I am very interested in continuing my education in this area. I am preparing my dissertation project which will deal with socio-economic problems.
Kasturi Kandalam I have a BA in Economics (Hons) from Azim Premji University (APU). My minor was Media, Society, and Development. I am fluent in English, Telugu, Hindi, and German. Economics as a subject is intellectually fascinating and challenging. Dynamically combining complex economic theories and ideas and presenting them in an accessible form is what I want to pursue. Exploring Economics matches my interest here. As a part of the Economics course in APU, I chose ‘Political Economy’ ‘Development Economics’, ‘Econometric methods’, ‘Indian Economy’, ‘Economic Philosophy and Reasoning’ and ‘Labour Economics’. These courses have trained me towards comprehending economic problems with logical rigor without losing sight of history, politics, institutions and most importantly, people. This also trained me towards understanding and presenting needful and impactful research. Being interested in issues of inequality, unemployment, jobless growth, the role of the state in development, gender and production relations, this platform will help me achieve this because of its diversity in research presented and the team itself. I wish to become part of the Editorial team with Level B of engagement.
Kerstin Hoette
Kristin Dilani Nadarajah I am from Norway and I have a BSc in Economics from University of York, and about to start my master's degree this fall in economics with the EPOG joint masters program. Last year I also took a course in History of Economic Thought in Mexico. I am currently enrolled in a one-year course in Media Studies at the University of Oslo. Outside university, I am active in a Norwegian environmental and development organisation, where I contribute to increasing the competence in alternative economics, both within the organisation and towards the public.
Ledi Daci I am from Albania. I have a bachelor degree in Economics and Finance from European University of Tirana and also a Master of Science in Banking and Financial markets. My academic orientation is based on political economy and monetary innovations. I consider myself a blockchain enthusiast and also a cryptocurrency evangelist. Currently, I am taking courses in some universities around the world from Leiden University, Hong Kong University of Technology and Science, Columbia University, University of Western Australia, l 'University of Colorado, University of Amsterdam, etc., throughout online courses. These courses range from topics related to political economy, international banking, monetary policy to topics related to sociology, agricultural economics, world energy trade, water resources management and statistics and econometrics. Actually I work for Albanian Financial Supervision Authority, with tasks on financial education campaign.
Mandie Joulin
Maria Zinutti I hold an International Joint Master in Sustainable Territorial Development, an interdisciplinary course across four different universities and countries (Padova, IT - Leuven, BE - Paris, FR – Campo Grande, BR). As part of the program, I carried out an internship in Brazil at Banco Palmas, the first and major community bank of the country. Previously I graduated in Political, Social and International Sciences at the University of Bologna. Both my bachelor and master thesis were focused on the topic of sustainable economics: an economic system with environmental and social issues at its core, and above all, that aims at ensuring wellbeing within planetary boundaries.
Maria Kiseleva
Nancy Brett
Nedson Ng'oma A Malawian currently studying M.A. Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University in India. Previous worked on the Editorial Board of the Ramjas Economics Department in the University of Delhi. I am interested in the political economy of development with specific emphasis on the global south and precisely Africa. I am keen on gender and labour relations dynamics, not only how they are impacted by development projects but also how they evolve overtime and their impliciations on the economic sphere.
Nikki Barnett
Osman Sesliokuyucu
Pedronella Coming from a biological background, I am on a quest to untangle the interdisciplinary web of biology, sociology and economics. To mention only a few highly interesting topics: 1. Economisation and financialisation of Nature 2. Notion of work 3. War, disaster, terrorism & economics
Ramya Emandi She is making her way into the world of economics, trying to connect the dots from an engineer to manager to an economist. An ambitious & a constant student of inquisitiveness and an ardent supporter of an interdisciplinary approach to public policies. She is working at UNDP-India in monitoring and evaluation. She completed Advanced Studies in International Economics from Kiel Institute, Germany. Earlier, she had worked for 7 years in Business Development, Planning & Economic Studies for an Indian public sector oil & gas Fortune 500 company 'Indian Oil Corporation Limited'.
Rouven Reinke PhD student at the University of Hamburg, Centre for Economic and Sociological Studies.
Seun Adeyemo I am a Nigerian, of the Yoruba tribe, my parents are from Osun state. I lived most of my years in Lagos state. I studied Economics at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Nigeria (B.Sc). I am motivated to join the Exploring Economics Editorial Team because of the may resources that I have access to and would love to share with the global audience. I believe there is a lot of knowledge that needs to be shared and discoveries that need to be made in the field of economics, and here is an opportunity to join a global community of editors with similar interests to help build a better economics education especially for the benefit of everyone.
Sumair Bhimani Sumair is a senior studying economics and statistics with a passion for using data to discover solutions to private and public sector challenges. His extensive experience within the non-profit sector and interests in social and economic development have allowed him to gain a unique perspective on challenges in the developing world. Sumair hopes to return to graduate school to obtain his master's in economics and a master's in either business administration or public policy. Beginning the summer of 2020, Sumair will be joining Goldman Sachs as a full-time analyst within the Consumer and Investment Management Division in a strategy and analytics capacity.
Veton Zeqiraj Dr. Zeqiraj, a Fulbright Scholar, he holds PhD in Financial Economics at Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University in Turkey. He is a teaching assistant at the University of Prishtina- Faculty of Economics and he works in the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo as a Senior Advisor. Prior to joining the University of Prishtina, he has served in many functions in the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, starting as an Examiner in the Insurance and Pension Supervision Department from 2007-2009, and then becoming the Head of Supervision Division for Pensions and Market Securities from 2010-2014. Veton has attended many conferences, seminars, and workshops in many institutions, such as the Bank of England, Banca D'Italia, Deutsche Bundesbank, Joint Vienna Institute (JVI), and IOPS.


Brice Deconinck
Daniel Obst hat Exploring Economics mitentwickelt und mitbegründet. Er ist Doktorand am Institut für Sozioökonomie an der Universität Duisburg-Essen. Er hat einen Bachelor-Abschluss in Politikwissenschaft und einen Master-Abschluss in Wirtschaftswissenschaften.
Ignacio Silva Neira is an economist and master of analysis economics of the University of Chile and current student of the International Economics Master in Berlin School of Economics and Law. He is Director of the Observatory of Economics Policies (OPES) in Chile, group member of De America Soy and Rethinking Economics.
Jacobo Castellanos Ecuatoriano del mundo. Political Scientist from Tec de Monterrey. Promoting a technological ecosystem that reflects and fosters economic plurality and diversity. Also member of De América Soy and Rethinking Economics.
Jorge Rosales-Salas Postdoctoral researcher, PhD in Engineering Systems at Universidad de Chile (Operations Research and Microeconomics), Master of Science in Administration with a major in Finances, Civil Industrial Engineer; with a solid background in the area of time use modeling, microeconomics, operations research, optimization, simulation and project evaluation.
Jorim Gerrard completed a master in Economics and was part of the program Economic Policies in the Age of Globalisation (EPOG) at the University for Law & Economics Berlin and the University Paris 13 & 7. At Exploring Economics his roles are the coordination of the curation, ministration and search for material and the editorial team.
Julien Hallak Project manager at the Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms, supporting curriculum reform and pluralism in economics
Lilli Pohl Lilli is studying her bachelor degree in Sustainable Economics at Alanus University in Alfter. Eager to make knowledge of pluralist economics widely available and understandable, she is coordinating the writing workshops and production of offline material for Exploring Economics.
Martin Dupont
Samuel Decker Hey - I am sam!
Yara Rieper


Andrea Pürckhauer
Andreas Dimmelmeier
Anne Löscher I am interested in the macroeconomic implications of the climate crisis in the Global South, which is also the subject of my PhD. Fields of interest beyond my research include feminist economics and history of economic thought.
Felix Kersting
Frederick Heussner
Janina Urban
Lara Boerger
Ruben Tarne
Sheral Shah Hello! I am a postgraduate in Economics having done it from the University of Warwick. I am just "exploring" my options here!!


Hugo Mello
Jakob Hafele
Josephin Wagner I was part of the Exploring Economics project team and I coordinated the writing workshops.
Lino Zeddies
Lukas Böhm
Lukas Theile
Simon Walch

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