Michiel Beelaerts

I work part-time as a teaching assistant at Ghent University, Belgium. The main focus of my job is to get students acquainted with scientific literature in (applied) economics. Part of my job is to create short video lectures and I'm also familiar with statistical analysis (in R). In the recent past, I have also taught sociology and economics at a secundary school level.

I have always found that the curriculum of economics education has been too narrowly focussed. It struck me how different schools of thought manage to coexist and co-influence each other much more in other social sciences (political science is my first master's degree). Now it appears a movement in economics has gained some traction to achieve something similar and I would love to be a part of it. Because I have some free time, I think a "level C" commitment is certainly doable. My interests include political economy, institutional economics, ecological economics, philosophy of science, methodology,...

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