Exploring Economics wurde von Studierenden und junden Akademiker*innen des Netzwerks Plurale Ökonomik gegründet. Seit der Gründung sind viele Personen dazugestoßen und haben sich bei Erweiterungen und Zusatzprojekten wie der Sommerakadie engagiert. Willst Du mitmachen? Schreib uns eine Nachricht!


Alexandra Efstathiades I am from Vienna, Austria. I completed a BA in Cultural and Social Anthropology in Austria and the U.S.A. and a BEd in Education. During this time I was chair of the student union, passionately advocating for innovation and equality in higher education. I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in the US and as a College Professor in Vienna. I am now a MSc student in Socioeconomics at the University of Business and Economics in Vienna.
Alicia Pita I'm an Argentinian economist, currently doing a Master in Germany. I've always been interested in economic phenomena, as they shape and condition our everyday life. Coming from a country that is periodically faced with severe crisis and carries with structural problems is definitely a factor that raised that interest. I'm particularly interested in Monetary and Fiscal Policy and History of Economic Thought. I believe it's important to consider different perspectives and disciplines when addressing economic issues, which are complex. I'm glad to be part of a team that aims to pluralize the knowledge and bring down to earth economic issues with a broad perspective.
Andrea Dsouza I am a recent graduate, having done a Masters in Development Economics at the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris. I'm also part of the Rethinking Economics Paris team. I am particularly interested in the ecological, feminist and behavioural schools of thought – and how these themes can and should interact with development economics.
Angeles Rubio As a recent UC Irvine graduate, I received a BA in Business Economics. I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA where I am working as a Compliance Analyst at a fin-tech company. My past research has focused on corporate welfare, environmental policies, and the impact of the U.S.-China trade war. Now, I like to research and learn more on intersectional environmentalism and the effects of many environmental, corporate policies on BIPOC communities within the U.S.
Anna Hehenberger Hi, I am Anna, 26 years old, based in Vienna and radically heterodox. Before I started working as economist for a newly founded social-liberal think tank in Vienna, I had the pleasure to enjoy a strong heterodox economics education at Kingston University, London. The Exploring Economics project is important in order to bring structure and overview to the vast space of material on economics far beyond the orthodox theory and methodology, and I am happy to contribute in building and fostering a diverse learning and growing space for all of whom are interested! My specific topics of interest lie in regional and rural development, political economy, social reproduction theory & intersectionality, and in the political economy of food regimes.
Bikash Bhatt Chhetri
Ellen Brett
Frieder Zaspel Graduate student at the University of Hamburg, Germany. Educational background in (economic) sociology, political economy and macroeconomics, in particular finance and financialization. Other interests include yoga, climbing, contemporary art and French literature.
Hanna Bosse
James Lubwa I am from Kampala, Uganda. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economics from Makerere University.
Jan Schulz I am a PhD student at the University of Bamberg in Germany and also a co-founder of the Pluralist Economics working group there. In my research, I am very much interested in what interdisciplinary approaches can add to the often too narrow perspective of economics, especially regarding network theory, distributional theory and agent-based models. Under this umbrella of complexity economics, I am looking into such diverse phenomena as inequality and inequality perceptions, industrial organization and business cycle fluctuations. I learned much from the material at EE in the past and use it regularly in my teaching which is why I am very glad to have the opportunity to now contribute to this great and diverse body of knowledge!
Jerome Warren Jerome Warren, b. 1986, obtained an Advanced Diploma from the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science in 2005 and subsequently studied Religious and Cultural Studies (B.A.) via New College at the University of Alabama between 2005 and 2010. After completing his studies, he changed disciplines and obtained a B.Sc. in 2015 in economics at the University of Siegen, where he also obtained an M.A. in Pluralistic Economics with a concentration in political economy. Research interests Since completing his Master's degree, Jerome Warren has been working on a research project on the relationship between democracy and the economy, for which he has already undertaken several research trips abroad, for example to Italy and Argentina. Mr. Warren's dissertation intends to use a Polanyian transformational lens to view the domain of multi-stakeholder organization as a solution for a number of interrelated issues. It is interested firstly in an institutional and evolutionary analysis of democracy, attempting to answer the question of economic democracy’s place and interpreting the interractions between our assumptions of rationality and their effects on our predictions of human behavior, particularly with regards to pro-sociality. Secondly, it aims to develop an organizational model that moves beyond the restrictive notions inherent in contemporary organizational theory, and particularly the theory of the firm. It attempts do this by drawing on research by Hansmann, Dow, Borzaga, Sacchetti and others. The research then attempt to address some potential issues arising from the multi-stakeholder model by implementing some case studies employing sortition, or lottery, in selecting managers in organizations. It also attempts applying the prior analysis to the platform economy, seeking to apply the Polanyian lens to the phenomenon of data, and suggesting a shift from platform capitalism to a form of multi-stakeholder platform cooperativism as a solution to the problems addressed. A comparative study of international legislation regarding MSCs is then carried out in a final chapter.
Johanna Biedermann Recently graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in 'Economic History', after a Bachelor in 'Economic and Social History' and 'Spanish Studies' from the University of Göttingen. Understanding the historical pathway that the science of 'Economics' has made and viewing the effects of this trajectory on reality, in different regions and times, is crucially contributing to solving current issues. Especially examining specific companies, models and ideas on why and how they were successful (or not) should be an essential part of every economic programme.
Julia Kaff During my study of sociology in Vienna, I have already dealt with multiple approaches of economics. I am very interested in continuing my education in this area. I am preparing my dissertation project which will deal with socio-economic problems.
Kelvin Waniku
Lisa Hanzl I'm a doctoral student at the institute for socioeconomics at the university of Duisburg-Essen, where I work on inequality and unpaid labor. Prior to this, I have completed my Master's in economics at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien. I am also an economist at the Momentum Institut, a newly founded social-liberal think tank in Vienna. There, I specialise in topics such as care work and tax justice. My main areas of interest include feminist economics, everything around gender in the economy in general and labor economics.
Louise Phung I am from Paris, France. I have a double degree in Mathematics and Political Sciences and a Master in Development Economics. I am very interested in monetary policy, survey techniques, and econometrics and statistics. After working almost two years at the OECD on territorial development, decentralisation and multi-level governance, I joined the French Treasury to work on short-term forecasting.
MA Iliasu A Nigerian based undergraduate of Economics from Bayero University, Kano. MA Iliasu is an essayist and aspiring behavioural economist who is interested in microeconomics, especially issues concerning information assymetry, consumer behavior and decision under uncertainty.
Marion Tosolini
Matthieu Trichet French student at Sorbonne Paris Nord University in international macroeconomics and finance (MIF). Working through a wide range of economic approach despite a focus on Post-Keynesian theory. Interests include - among others - ecology, inequalities, economic policy, dynamic of capitalism, economic history and epistemology. Previously graduated in management from Audencia Business School.
Maxine Fowé is an International Economics graduate candidate at Berlin School of Economics and Law. Before that, she studied Philosophy, Politics & Economics in Maastricht and London. She is interested in the political economy of contemporary forms of capitalism and heterodox economic alternatives that transcend the paradigm of neoclassical economics and the neoliberal state.
Naomi Vriend
Robin Jervis
Seun Adeyemo I am a Nigerian, of the Yoruba tribe, my parents are from Osun state. I lived most of my years in Lagos state. I studied Economics at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Nigeria (B.Sc). I am motivated to join the Exploring Economics Editorial Team because of the may resources that I have access to and would love to share with the global audience. I believe there is a lot of knowledge that needs to be shared and discoveries that need to be made in the field of economics, and here is an opportunity to join a global community of editors with similar interests to help build a better economics education especially for the benefit of everyone.
Shambhavi Tewari is a senior at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Luckow pursuing the ISC Diploma in Humanistic Studies. She is interested in Gender violence in conflict regions in India and across the world. She occasionally indulges in literary and cultural comparitivism through her heaps of books, while performing postmodernist critiques of public policies in her head.
Suraj Nair I am pursuing a PhD in International Development from SOAS, London. I hold an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford, and a BSc in Economics from Cardiff University. My research is situated in the Political Economy of Development in South-East Asia, with my current work focused on the renewable energy manufacturing sector in Malaysia. I am particularly interested in Institutional Political Economy, Industrial Economics, Ecological Economics and Marxist Political Economy.
Thomas Bombarde Maths&Economics student at Durham University. Excited to learn about Complexity, Ecology and Economics applied to Autism Spectrum Disorder.(ASD)

Senior Editors

Alexander Barta BA (Hons) Politics (Minor) & Sociology (Major) from the University of the West of Scotland, MA Political Science (focus on Comparative Political Economy) from University of Bamberg & MA Politics and Economics in Eastern and Southeastern Europe at University of Macedonia. Currently working in the banking sector and enrolled at the University of Halle in a post-graduate course on Economic Law/Business Law.
Antoine Masquelin
Brian Faravelon
Constance André--Aigret Je suis docteure en économie. Ma thèse porte sur la participation de James Laurence Laughlin (économiste américain) à l'unification monétaire et bancaire américaine qui a abouti à la création de la FED en 1913. Plus généralement, j'ai travaillé sur l'histoire de la pensée économique, les débats monétaires et bancaires américains et le rôle d'expert à la fin du 19ème et début du 20ème siècle aux États-Unis. Je suis également économiste bénévole à la monnaie locale complémentaire et transfrontalière (France/Suisse) Monnaie Léman. ****** I have a PhD in economics. My dissertation focuses on the participation of James Laurence Laughlin (American economist) in the American monetary and banking unification that led to the creation of the FED in 1913. More generally, I have worked on the history of economic thought, American monetary and banking debates, and the role of expert in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the United States. I am also a volunteer economist at the local complementary and cross-border currency (France/Switzerland) Monnaie Léman.
Doriana Demerxhiu
Gabriel Coaquira
Gracielle Silva holds a BSc in Economics from Mackenzie Presbyterian University (São Paulo) and currently is a Master student in Political Economy at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). Her main areas of interest are Heterodox Approaches, Economic Methodology, Rhetoric and Discourse Analysis in Economics, History of Economic Thought, Complexity Economics, Political Economy and Marxian Political Economy. Definitely passionate on discussing pluralism in economics in order to democratize its study and promote critical thinking bridging the gap between academic theory and the real world.
Jakob Nitschke
Jakob Steffen was born in 1981 and is an economist and political scientist by training, specialising in monetary/general macroeconomics and comparative government, respectively. In terms of economic thought, he has become an ardent (though not blinkered) Postkeynesian, emphasising the distributional aspects of both economic policy and institutions, such as money. He is a professional politico-economic risk analyst with his own research firm J.S. Research KG, advising SME on the special risks of their global activities and giving lectures/presentations on the matter. In his free time, he is a keen fencer and avid player of board games.
Jesus Renzullo Bachelor in International Affairs from the Central University of Venezuela and Master Candidate at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy in Germany. Jesus Renzullo has written regarding economic behavior in hostile environments and energy economics. He also has knowledge in environmental global policy, behavioral economics and Austrian economics. He worked as Project Coordinator for the Venezuelan Think Tank Cedice Libertad and as Professor of International Affairs at the Central University of Venezuela.
João Pedro Braga Brazilian trying to make sense of the political chaos back at home. Currently a student at the Master on Economic Policies for the Global Transition (EPOG+) at HWR Berlin, University of Witwatersrand and Université Paris XIII. Eager to make economics more inclusive through rethinking, exploring and transforming it.
Kristin Dilani Nadarajah I am from Norway and I have a BSc in Economics from University of York, and about to start my master's degree this fall in economics with the EPOG joint masters program. Last year I also took a course in History of Economic Thought in Mexico. I am currently enrolled in a one-year course in Media Studies at the University of Oslo. Outside university, I am active in a Norwegian environmental and development organisation, where I contribute to increasing the competence in alternative economics, both within the organisation and towards the public.
Miguel Haro Ruiz Interested in macroeconomics generally and puzzled by money, complexity and ecological modelling in particular. MSc in Economics: Data Science & Policy from Martin Luther Universität; BA in Economics and International Affairs from Lewis & Clark College.
Mila Maina Hello! I am from Italy, I am 21 years old and I study BA Economics at Stirling (Scotland) since 2018. I am also a research assistant, working on a paper that combines energy economics and behavioural economics. My main fields of interest are sustainability and competition economics, but I would like to strengthen my knowledge on these by embracing heterodox perspectives . I would also love to expand my horizons towards other fields such as post colonialism.
Nedson Ng'oma A Malawian currently studying M.A. Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University in India. Previous worked on the Editorial Board of the Ramjas Economics Department in the University of Delhi. I am interested in the political economy of development with specific emphasis on the global south and precisely Africa. I am keen on gender and labour relations dynamics, not only how they are impacted by development projects but also how they evolve overtime and their impliciations on the economic sphere.
Nyamekye Asare
Pedronella Coming from a biological background, I am on a quest to untangle the interdisciplinary web of biology, sociology and economics. To mention only a few highly interesting topics: 1. Economisation and financialisation of Nature 2. Notion of work 3. War, disaster, terrorism & economics
Phokrizat Mayirnao is from Ukhrul, India. She has a Master's degree in Economics with a special interest in Finance, Political Economy, and Indigenous Studies & Perspectives.
Ryan Joseph Martinez Sociology graduate student from the University of the Philippines. Interest in socioeconomics/new economic sociology. Exploring Economics editorial assistant (May-July 2021)
Sol Chávez
Tanita J Lewis BA in Economics and French from the University of Leeds. I am passionate about the new economy movement, and I believe that as an open-access educational platform, Exploring Economics is fundamental in helping people understand pluralist economics and imagine new possibilities for our future. Therefore, I would love to edit and create content as part of the team. My main areas of interest and economic expertise are Black political economy, stratification economics, international economics and decolonizing economics.
Tejashree Dewoolkar A product researcher, designer who loves theatre, dance, calligraphy and to try different flavoured tea across the world.
Yaku Fernandez Landa MSc. in Economics at University of Lausanne. Currently studying a second Master in the Political Economy of Capitalism at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. I'm interested in labour markets, Economic Development, Classical Political Economy and Post-Keynesianism.


Daniel Obst co-developed and co-founded Exploring Economics. He is a PhD student at the Institute for Socioeconomics at the University of Duisburg-Essen. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in economics.
Ignacio Silva Neira is an economist and master of analysis economics of the University of Chile and current student of the International Economics Master in Berlin School of Economics and Law. He is Director of the Observatory of Economics Policies (OPES) in Chile, group member of De America Soy and Rethinking Economics.
Jacobo Castellanos Ecuatoriano del mundo. Political Scientist from Tec de Monterrey. Promoting a technological ecosystem that reflects and fosters economic plurality and diversity. Also member of De América Soy and Rethinking Economics.
Jorim Gerrard completed a master in Economics and was part of the program Economic Policies in the Age of Globalisation (EPOG) at the University for Law & Economics Berlin and the University Paris 13 & 7. At Exploring Economics his roles are the coordination of the curation, ministration and search for material and the editorial team.
Julien Hallak Project manager at the Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms, supporting curriculum reform and pluralism in economics
Lilli Pohl Lilli holds a bachelor's degree in Sustainable Business from Alanus University in Alfter. Eager to make knowledge of pluralist economics widely available and understandable, she is coordinating the writing workshops and production of offline material, as well as managing the editor team for Exploring Economics.
Samuel Decker Hey, I am a team member at Exploring Economics. My fields of interest are Critical Polititical Economy, social-ecological transformation and digital economic planning.
Yara Rieper supports the content and community management and works on our social media presence. Alongside studying for her Masters degree in Economics and Social Science at the University of Erfurt, she is also part of the local group of pluralist economics in Erfurt.


Anas Abu is an Assistant Economist at HM Civil Service. He holds a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Development Economics. Anas is keen to learn more diverse ways of thinking about economics and share his learnings with others.
Anne Löscher I am interested in the macroeconomic implications of the climate crisis in the Global South, which is also the subject of my PhD. Fields of interest beyond my research include feminist economics and history of economic thought.
Frank Fehlberg
Marian de Foy
Sheral Shah Hello! I am a postgraduate in Economics having done it from the University of Warwick. I am just "exploring" my options here!!


Abdussalam Muazu BSc Economics from the University of Birmingham and based in Nigeria. Abdussalam is interested in ways to bridge the gap between economic theory and practice, especially concerning development.
Adrien Guisan
Alex Amiotte Suchet Etudiant en master d'économie institutionnaliste à l'ENS Paris-Saclay
Alice de Walque
Andrey Smolyakov I am currently a Master's student at an international CEMS MIM programme, having studied in WU Vienna and University of Economics, Prague. I received my Bachelor's degree in the leading Russian economic university with a major in International Affairs and a minor in Applied Economics.
Anna Sekula PhD Fellow in Institutions, Economics and Law (IEL) at the University of Turin, Italy with the background in law and finance. Approaching transnational economic law from a political economy perspective, with a focus on the rule-making procedures beyond the state and transnational corporate accountability.
Auguste Debroise
Aurora Li I am doing my masters in an interdisciplinary (economic and sociology) master at the university of hamburg. Since about 5 years, I am engaging myself in the german network of pluralist economics, first in Halle, now in Hamburg. In this time I engaged myself a lot in the local groups and decided now to be more active in exploring economics to bring in the knowledge and experience collected in this time. I think exploring economics is one of the most prominent project of the network and has a lot of potential to growth in regard with the widerness of topics.
Brice Deconinck Master student in International development economics at Grenobles-Alpes University. Coordinated the French-speaking editor team at Exploring Economics.
Christopher Dathe Is a PhD student at the University of Limerick, Ireland. He holds a master’s degree in economics with a minor in Social Science. His research interests are international trade and investment regimes as well as (international) economic crises.
Clara Torma From Latin America to the World. I'm Clara, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil :) I got my bachelor's degree in Economics last year at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and now I'm part of the EPOG+ (Economic Policies for the Global Transition), an Erasmus Mundus Master Programme. Currently I'm living in Berlin while studying at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. I'm focused on Global South dilemmas and inequalities + always up to a conversation about labour/welfare/gender economics!
Edison Jakurti Edison Jakurti is a PhD Candidate in Economics at the Freie Universität Berlin. Earlier, he earned his Master of International Development Policy degree, concentrating in Applied Economics, from Duke University, and his BSc degree, majoring in Economics & Statistics, from R.I.T. He has worked as a research and teaching assistant at Duke University, and as a consultant at the World Bank.
Eleonora Monaci I am an undergraduate student at the University of Aberdeen in Economics and History.
Elsa Coral Reyes Martínez Licenciada en Estudios Latinoamericanos y en Economía. Estudiante de Maestría en Economía por la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM.
Filipa Reis Currently studying an interdisciplinary Master's degree in Applied International Studies in Vienna, focusing in political science and international relations, international economics, European and international law and history. I received my Bachelor's degree in Economics from ISCTE-IUL in Portugal and did an exchange semester at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where I studied courses from a range of disciplines complementary to economics.
Frederic Jennings
Gargi Das Gargi is an undergrad student of Economics from University of Delhi. Her interests lies in Data Analysis, Development Economics, Degrowth, SDGs and MSMEs. Other quieter days, you'll find her making art or on hiking trips.
German Ruiz
Hugo Mello
Jakob Zwirnmann I am a student of energy economics with a specific interest in ecological economics and political economy.
Jakub Sokolowski I am a doctoral student in economics in University of Warsaw. I am developing microeconomic field experiments in energy and environmental sector. I work as an economist in Institute for Structural Research. I work mostly on the topic of energy poverty (quantitative and qualitative research). My motivation is simple - I fully support the ideas behind Exploring Economics, I am for availability and heterogeneity in economics.
Jorge Rosales-Salas Postdoctoral researcher, PhD in Engineering Systems at Universidad de Chile (Operations Research and Microeconomics), Master of Science in Administration with a major in Finances, Civil Industrial Engineer; with a solid background in the area of time use modeling, microeconomics, operations research, optimization, simulation and project evaluation.
Jorge Alberto Najera Salmeron Graduated in Economics from the UAM, and Master in Administration and Business from the UTC. Mexican Economist and Data Scientist with an interest in the use of data for a better management of the Economy and Finance. Author of the book "Strategic Forecasts of Time Series: Practical Methodology for Economists, Administrators and Data Scientists".
Joseph Moggridge
Josie McCauley Josie McCauley is an Economic major at Colorado College. She has taken 10 courses in the field to date, ranging from the Economics of Higher Education to Econometrics, and worked as a teaching assistant for a Personal Finance course. She is involved in Women in Business and has a passion for making economics more accessible and less jargonized.
Julia Schmid is working as a research and teaching assistant and is a PhD student at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart. She has studied in Würzburg, Seville, Stuttgart and Singapore and holds a Master's degree in International Business and Economics.
Kasturi Kandalam
Kerstin Hoette
Louis Boucherie
Mandie Joulin
Maria Zinutti I hold an International Joint Master in Sustainable Territorial Development, an interdisciplinary course across four different universities and countries (Padova, IT - Leuven, BE - Paris, FR – Campo Grande, BR). As part of the program, I carried out an internship in Brazil at Banco Palmas, the first and major community bank of the country. Previously I graduated in Political, Social and International Sciences at the University of Bologna. Both my bachelor and master thesis were focused on the topic of sustainable economics: an economic system with environmental and social issues at its core, and above all, that aims at ensuring wellbeing within planetary boundaries.
Maria Kiseleva
María Elena Mejia I'm from Colombia. I have a Bachelor's in Economics. I'm fond of the idea of building Economic theory and analysis as a result of a collaborative effort. I think we really need this kind of efforts to enrich the understanding of Economics.
Martin Dupont
Merle Uhl
Michiel Beelaerts I work part-time as a teaching assistant at Ghent University, Belgium. The main focus of my job is to get students acquainted with scientific literature in (applied) economics. Part of my job is to create short video lectures and I'm also familiar with statistical analysis (in R). In the recent past, I have also taught sociology and economics at a secundary school level. I have always found that the curriculum of economics education has been too narrowly focussed. It struck me how different schools of thought manage to coexist and co-influence each other much more in other social sciences (political science is my first master's degree). Now it appears a movement in economics has gained some traction to achieve something similar and I would love to be a part of it. Because I have some free time, I think a "level C" commitment is certainly doable. My interests include political economy, institutional economics, ecological economics, philosophy of science, methodology,...
Nancy Brett
Nicolà Bezzola I am Nicolà Bezzola and work at the moment as a social aid representative for HEKS and in this role observe asylum procedures in Bern. I'm also writing for the think tank reatch in the working group "the future and history of work". I've finished my MSc in Economic History at LSE. Between my BSc at the University of Bern, Economics as a major and Social Anthropology as a minor, and my masters I studied Chinese for a year at Wuhan University. My special interest within the field lies on the history of economic thought.
Nikita Asnani
Nikki Barnett I'm a recent International Development graduate from the University of Sussex with an interest in devolution, local politics and degrowth. I'm looking forward to learning more about economics in a global forum from my little town in Glasgow!
Nora Jusufi
Oliver Juan
Ramya Emandi She is making her way into the world of economics, trying to connect the dots from an engineer to manager to an economist. An ambitious & a constant student of inquisitiveness and an ardent supporter of an interdisciplinary approach to public policies. She is working at UNDP-India in monitoring and evaluation. She completed Advanced Studies in International Economics from Kiel Institute, Germany. Earlier, she had worked for 7 years in Business Development, Planning & Economic Studies for an Indian public sector oil & gas Fortune 500 company 'Indian Oil Corporation Limited'.
Raúl Ruiz Escobedo
Rebecca Lohmann
Ricka Bähnsch I am about to graduate in the M.Sc. program in Economics at Hamburg University. I am mainly interested in labour economics and behavioral economics.
Ritam Talukdar
Robin Giles I studied philosophy at Georgetown and Columbia University. I'm primarily interested in post-Keynesian economics, economic history, and the philosophy of economics. Outside of EE, I love to climb, cycle, and listen to podcasts.
Rouven Reinke PhD student at the University of Hamburg, Centre for Economic and Sociological Studies.
Santiago Núñez Regueiro
Sonal Raghuvanshi
Sumair Bhimani Sumair is a senior studying economics and statistics with a passion for using data to discover solutions to private and public sector challenges. His extensive experience within the non-profit sector and interests in social and economic development have allowed him to gain a unique perspective on challenges in the developing world. Sumair hopes to return to graduate school to obtain his master's in economics and a master's in either business administration or public policy. Beginning the summer of 2020, Sumair will be joining Goldman Sachs as a full-time analyst within the Consumer and Investment Management Division in a strategy and analytics capacity.
Summit Gupta Coming from the Economics background from India, I am currently pursuing my MBA from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Shillong. Right from my undergraduate, the study of Economics has always intrigued me which prompted me to take Economics as my major. This interest in Economics motivated me to write a research paper on the topic 'Effect of Crop Insurance Schemes on farmer suicide rates in India' which was published by the St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. This helped me explore the topic of Development Economics and at the same time helped me realize that there is so much to learn in this unexplored field.
Tamara Ritter I am currently enrolled in the M.Sc. "Applied and Behavioural Economics" at the University of Trento, Italy, after having completed my B.Sc. in economics at the University of Bologna. I am mainly interested in behavioural economics but excited to broaden my horizons outside of neoclassical economics.
Theresa Neef
Veronica Mrvcic

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