Seun Adeyemo

I am a Nigerian, of the Yoruba tribe, my parents are from Osun state. I lived most of my years in Lagos state. I studied Economics at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Nigeria (B.Sc).

I am motivated to join the Exploring Economics Editorial Team because of the may resources that I have access to and would love to share with the global audience. I believe there is a lot of knowledge that needs to be shared and discoveries that need to be made in the field of economics, and here is an opportunity to join a global community of editors with similar interests to help build a better economics education especially for the benefit of everyone.

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Level: expert
Public lectures on some Traditional Economic Solutions to poverty in Nigeria, specifically the Igbo Apprentice System, Yoruba Ajo Thrift Savings, and Hausa Integral Communalism.
Level: débutant
This paper is a product of an online workshop held in Nigeria on the topic Unemployment: Policy Review and Recommendations. It explores the various unemployment policies introduced by the Nigerian Government and analysis how effective they are and suggests some practicable solutions to solving unemployment problems in the country. The workshop was organized by Rethinking Economics The Uploaders (RETU) as part of the project Solving the Major Economic Problem in Nigeria (SMEPN), an output of the Global Pluralist Economics Training (GPET). More details here:

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Ce projet est le fruit du travail des membres du réseau international pour le pluralisme en économie, dans la sphère germanophone (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.) et dans la sphère francophone (Rethinking Economics Switzerland / Rethinking Economics Belgium / PEPS-Économie France). Nous sommes fortement attachés à notre indépendance et à notre diversité et vos dons permettent de le rester !