Frederik Holtel

graduated in International Economic Policy and Political Science from the universities Sciences Po Paris and Freie University Berlin. He works as an IT coordinator at the Network for Pluralist Economics.

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Sommerakademie 2021

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Level: débutant
Der Beitrag "Der neue "woke" Kapitalismus - Eine Mogelpackung" bietet Reflexion und Auseinandersetzung mit dem Phänomen, dass Konzerne die Werte sozialer Bewegungen übernehmen bzw. sich diese aneignen.
Level: débutant
The historian Nicholas Mulder talks about the Western sanctions against Russia in the context of the Ukraine Crisis. He explains that the current sanctions are unprecedented in terms of size, speed and scope, expected consequences as well as potential drawbacks and problems.
Level: avancé
An ideal type of a pluralistic book. Instead of arguing for one specific interpretation of a complex phenomenon, the authors present six different views on globalisation. Roberts and Lamp carefully balance the different perspectives, presenting the merits of each.
Level: débutant
"Specialise!" is the advice often given by career advisers, school teachers and the like. David Epstein takes the opposite position: In an ever more specialised, highly complex world, it pays to have good old-fashioned broad common knowledge in as many areas as you take interest in, both in terms of intellectual curiosity and professional success. To have a decent grasp of various aspects of life means to be able to discern the links between them, thus developing a better understanding of how our world works and what drives events as they unfold.

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