Yaku Fernandez Landa

MSc in Economics at University of Lausanne. Currently studying a second Master in the Political Economy of Capitalism at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. I'm interested in labour markets, Economic Development, Classical Political Economy and Post-Keynesianism.

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Within the heterodox field, one of the most active topics is related to the theory of economic growth and distribution. This is a textbook for advance undergraduate and graduate students. Throughout its 18 chapters, Classical, Neoclassical and post-Keynesian models are developed. Each chapter contains study problems and suggested readings for …
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Crecimiento económico. Enfoques y modelos aborda las teorías del crecimiento de las economías de mercado con énfasis en los factores de la oferta. Asimismo, detalla los enfoques que, desde la vertiente Keynesiana, insisten en la importancia decisiva de los factores de demanda. A lo largo del presente volumen, Felix Jimenez ofrece perspectivas históricas y teóricas del desarrollo de los modelos de crecimiento económico y, para facilitar la comprensión del lector, incluye los desarrollos matemáticos de los modelos presentados.
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Regression Analysis: A Constructive Critique identifies a wide variety of problems with regression analysis as it is commonly used and then provides a number of ways in which practice could be improved.
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This course introduces the main topics in Econometrics by using R statistical software. The relation of themes is comprehensive and includes the basic notions such as linear regression, multiple regression, causal inference, regression discontinuity and instrumental variable. In total, the course covers thirteen chapters that are common in any undergraduate econometrics course.

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