Readings in the Theory of Economic Development
Dilip Mookherjee, Debraj Ray (ed.)
Level: beginner
Publisher: Wiley
Perspective: Marxian Political Economy, Institutionalist Economics, Post-Keynesian Economics, Other
Topic: Development, Emerging economies, north-south relations
page count: 496 pages


This collection provides a complete introduction to new ways of thinking about economic development. Emphasizing economic theory, each article has been selected for its theoretical completeness, accessibility and clarity as well as its value as a contribution to the field. A thorough introductory essay summarizes the state of the field for those new to the field and explains the importance of the articles selected.

Book summary

The book describes the inequality and underdevelopment with regard to the Global South where capitalism has been reigning supreme in the post-colonial era. It covers the dependency of sustainable practices, reviewing developmental models, personal choices, dependency on the agrarian organisation etc. The interdependencies between land ownership and labour conditions on the one hand and rising malnutrition as well as unemployment on the other, just as much as the formation of co-operatives to overcome this vicious circle are covered in a comprehensive and accessible way.

Comment from our editors:

After long-time negligence, the Global South and the North-South divide are back on the agenda of development economics again. This book is a neat, accessible introduction into the topic, covering both the current situation and potential remedies from different points of view.

The whole book is available for download free of charge right here.

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