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Jean-Christophe Victor
Mit offenen Karten
Die Karten der Weltwirtschaft 00:11:45
Level: beginner 2010
Sarah Cook; Tadzio Müller; Bob Jessop...
United Nations Research Ins...
Green Economy and Sustainable Development: Bringing Back the Social 00:09:55
Level: beginner 2012
Esther Duflo
TED Talks
Social experiments to fight poverty 00:16:40
Level: beginner 2010
Various authors
Lateinamerika-Institut, FU ...
VWL Basiswissen für Nicht-Ökonom_innen
Level: beginner
Ushehwedu Kufakurinani, Ingrid Harvol...
Young Scholar Initiative
Dialogues on Development
Level: advanced 2017
César Hidalgo
The RSA, Hidalgo
Why information grows 00:22:17
Level: beginner 2015
Keetie Roelen
PS - Project Syndicate
The Psychosocial Side of Poverty 00:22:21
Level: beginner 2017
Erika Sloan
Pluralist Economics Fellowship
Behavioural vs Complexity Economics: Approaches to Development
Level: beginner 2018
behavioral investing falsification homo economicus big business race marginal revolution function post-colonial studies discrimination populations numbers Stock-Flow consistent rational agents Gini coefficient stock markets