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Claus Weselsky; Alex Gallas
Netzwerk Plurale ├ľkonomik
Gewerkschaften und soziale Bewegungen in Zeiten der Krise 01:34:56
Level: beginner 2016
Gilles Carbonnier
The Graduate Institute of G...
The Birth of Humanitarian Economics 4:51
Level: beginner 2015
Lynn Parramore
Institute for New Economic ...
$MeToo: The Economic Cost of Sexual Harassment
Level: beginner 2018
Anwar Shaikh
Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises. 1:35:00
Level: advanced 2017
The Curious Classroom
A Brief Introduction to Marxism 00:04:26
Level: beginner 2013
Anwar Shaikh
The New School for Social R...
Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crisis 1:35:00
Level: advanced 2017
welfare entrepreneurship sexuality econometrics non-linearity Basel accords industrialization unskilled work Bourdieu organisation marginal cost Plato Ownership-networks network analysis closed system