Kritik der Grünen Ökonomie – Welches Wirtschaftsmodell brauchen wir? Diskussion mit Tim Jackson

Level: leicht
Tim Jackson; Gerhard Schick; Barbara Unmüßig; Lili Fuhr; Thomas Fatheuer | Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, 2016

Perspektive: Ökologische Ökonomik
Thema: Soziale Bewegungen & Transformation, Ressourcen & Umwelt
Format: Podiumsdiskussion, Dauer: 01:47:34

The panel discusses the concept of a green economy, in particular presents critiques on the green economy and thereby addresses problematic aspects of a green economy. The reliance on technological innovation as well as mechanisms such as the valuation of ecosystem services are discussed. The panel also touches the question of the relation of mainstream economics and ecology. Furthermore, the need for and existence of alternative concepts and transformation is debated. This leads to question about the role of the state, democratic participation and power relations.