Evening Lectures


How to save the Euro – Friday, August 4

Jan Priewe (HTW Berlin, University of Applied Sciences)


An Economy of Life for All Now - An Ecumenical Action Plan for a New International Financial and Economic Architecture – Saturday, August 5

Athena Peralta (World Council of Churches)


Boom Bust Boom – Sunday, August 6

(Movie Screening)

Ben Timlett (Producer)


ECOMMONY. Steps towards an alternative economic system – Monday, August 7

Friederike Habermann


New Approaches to Economic Challenges – Tuesday, August 8

Henry Leveson-Gower (Promoting Economic Pluralism)
William Hynes (OECD)


Reinventing Prosperity - Managing economic growth to reduce unemployment, inequality and climate change – Wednesday, August 9

Graeme Maxton (Club of Rome)



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