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Who we are

The Certificate Project for Pluralism in Economics has been working since 2019 to bring pluralist content into the regular curricula of students of economics. In addition to a growing number of pluralist university programmes, we want to give all students and learners the opportunity to earn ECTS credit points for courses in pluralist economics. In doing so, we dare to be creative: not only are students regurlarly organizing pluralist lecutres and are opening these up to external students, but the legal framework of universities actually calls for a high mobility of students between different places. We help you getting the economics education you really strive for!


  For students & interested individuals

Pluralist Curriculum

Every semester, pluralist courses take place at different universities in Germany, and internationally. Previously often organized by students, a number of universities are opening up their courses to external students as well. We assemble these courses into a Pluralist Curriculum - these are explictily pluralist courses you can get credit points for. In addition to the on-site courses, our future Pluralist Curricula will also include online courses. With a vision to increasingly diversify and internationalize our Pluralist Curriculum we aim to set a standard for a better economics education for the 21st century.

The Pluralist Curriculum summer term 2021 (in German)

Pluralist Curriculum winter term 2020/21 (in German)

Pluralist Curriculum summer term 2020 (in German)

Summer Academy 

As a locus for excellent pluralist teaching, the courses of the Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics are part of the Pluralist Curriculum. However, the one week-long Summer Academy offers something more: it combines the beautiful environment of the academy in Thuringia with a growing international community that participates in the courses online. We are still working on the robots for better on-site interaction ;)!

Summer Academy 2021 "Reimagining Economics - Learning From the PAst, Navigating the Future"

Summer Academy 2020 "Mainstream Economics - Sold Out? Exploring Ways into Sustainable Futures"

Pluralist Certificate

After completing three courses from our Pluralist Curriculum, you will have the opportunity to receive a Certificate in Pluralist Economics. With this certificate you can prove to relevant authorities that you have learned the basics of Pluralist Economics. More information will follow soon.


   For interested student groups

For the dissemination of Pluralist Teaching, the organization of creditable courses on site and the accreditation of online courses is essential. To this end, some Pluralist Economics university groups have put together a guide for organizing such events for other interested groups (to be found in the materials in German). Contact person in the project is Anita Lehner. 


  For interested universities

Universities are important partners for us to be able to offer more pluralist economic courses to students and interested people. Through external-student arrangements, cooperation agreements and the expansion of their curricula, universities can become places of better economic teaching. Contact person in the project is Janina Urban.



  • Short How-To for crediting courses (English)
  • Legal background on university mobility (coming soon)


We are happy to answer your questions:

Sarah Johannes
Scientific Manager, Certificate Project

Anita Lehner 
Scientific Officer Crediting Issues, Certificate Project



This project is brought to you by the Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.).  It is committed to diversity and independence and is dependent on donations from people like you. Regular or one-off donations would be greatly appreciated.