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The world is facing huge challenges, and your economics study program stays one-sided and seems detached from reality? There is something you can do about it, since you can take interesting courses at other universities and earn ECTS credit points for them!


The Certificate Project of the „Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik“ broadens the access of all students and interested indiviuals to pluralist economics through course accrediation. We provide an overview of opportunities to join pluralist economic courses and support you in organizing your own accredited seminars. Here is a short How-To on crediting pluralist courses.


 The Pluralist Curriculum

Each semester we publish our own Pluralist Curriculum. It assembles courses of different universities and student groups engaged in pluralist economics which are open for everyone to join. The extra: if you participate in these courses and complete an exam, you can also gain ECTS credit points with them!

Pluralist Curriculum winter term 2020/21

Pluralist Curriculum summer term 2020


        The Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics

We cooperate with the Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics which takes place every year in late summer. It offers insights into the various schools of economic thoughts and on up-to date issues. We offer a special accreditation track through which you can credit your participation with your home university.

Summer Academy 2020 "Mainstream Economics - Sold Out? Exploring Ways into Sustainable Futures"


 Pluralist courses with ECTS points at your university

We want to invite you to start your own pluralist economic course! The most common way is to find a professor at your university who wants to offer a course in cooperation with you. The professor will take care of the registration of the course and admissions, and together you will guide the students through the tutorials and the exam.


We are happy to answer your questions:

Janina Urban
Scientific manager, Certificate Project

Anita Lehner 
Monitoring of crediting, Certificate Project



This project is brought to you by the Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.).  It is committed to diversity and independence and is dependent on donations from people like you. Regular or one-off donations would be greatly appreciated.