Writing Workshop on Gender and the Economy

Perspectives of Feminist Economics

March, 3-5 2017, Berlin and online

During the workshop, we reflected and discussed topics on gender and the economy and wrote essays which will be published in May and June on the online platform Exploring Economics.



We worked in small groups on the following four topics:

  • Gender and Austerity. The Financial Crisis and its Impact in Europe 
  • Gender and Migration. The Division of Labour and Gender Roles in the Caring Economy
  • Gender in the Household. Decisions on Money, Time, and Care
  • Gender, Care & the Limits of Economic Growth. A Convergence of Feminist and Ecological Economics 

Topics of feminist economics and questions on gender, the division of labour and reproductive work are hardly dealt with in economic teaching and research. The aim of the workshop is to draw attention to the importance of gender relations in economics. To this aim, we will analyse how economic processes influence people of different genders and gender relations and how gender relations, as well as social roles, shape economic processes and economic possibilities. We will address those questions using examples from current research in feminist economics. 


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via email: info@exploring-economics.org


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