Introducing a New Economics – Pluralist, Sustainable, Progressive

Jack Reardon, Maria Alejandra Caporale Madi, and Molly Scott Cato
Level: beginner
Publisher: Pluto Press
Perspective: Neoclassical Economics, Marxian Political Economy, Institutionalist Economics, Post-Keynesian Economics, Ecological Economics, Other
Topic: Alternatives to GDP, Buen Vivir, Capitalism, Development, economic history, finance, globalization, green new deal, growth, inequality, institutions, labour, labour & care, macroeconomics, mainstream critique, markets, microeconomcis, money & debt, Neoliberalism, north-south relations, resources, environment & climate, social ecological transformation, social movements & transformation
page count: 288 pages


The book also addresses important and timely issues such as the challenges to firms and industries, economic democracy, the business cycle and financial crises. Viewing economics from a global perspective, the three authors provide a rich and authentic international perspective, as they are based on three separate continents and are leading authorities in their fields. Introducing a New Economics is fundamentally an economics textbook for the 21st century.

Book summary

This book includes everything you need to get an overall good grasp of economics with critical insight. The authors also include perspectives from all strands of economics.

Comment from our editors:

This textbook is an excellent resource for students, providing simple, yet critical insight into the most pressing issues of our time and the theories that lie behind them.

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