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Trialogue Of Taking Socialistic Hints From The Inca For A Better Modern Society

Zaire Arradaza ( PUP, Philippines) Christian Brückner ( EHD, Germany) Giovanni Villavicencio (CIDE, Mexico)
-, 2020
Level: beginner
Topic: Globalization & International Economic Relations, North-South Relations & Development, Social movements & Transformation
Format: Podcast
Duration: 00:15:15

The Trialogue is a podcast about combining historic ideas of the high-culture of the Inca and modern problems. The three authors each put their own perspectives of the topic and show insights into their actual view of economics. Following the statement of Albert Stähli: "It is always attractive to study the past in order to learn from it for today and tomorrow" the authors take a critical look at the Incas and their - how Louis Baudin states - socialist society. Considering the historical structures the authors each manage to carve out solutions and ideas for modern societies to look upon and perhaps even adapt.

Comment from our editors:

The Trialoge is a project done during the summer academy 2020 from the network of pluralist economics. The idea came more randomly: a fellow participant who could not take part in the final collaboration project wanted to use historical ideas of social structures to be put into modern societies. And with the idea of the Inca described as a historical socialism by Louis Baudin we just put one and one together. And, for this content we felt more convenient to go with a podcast than an essay or such.

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