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Traditional Wealth Creation Schemes in Nigeria

Dr Sam Amadi, Dr Oyewale Ayodele, Barr Sam Hart
Rethinking Economics The Uploaders (RETU), 2021
Level: expert
Perspectives: Ecological Economics, Institutionalist Economics
Topic: Business & Firm, Criticism of Capitalism, Globalization & International Economic Relations, Labour & Care
Format: Lecture / Presentation
Duration: 01:58:04

Public lectures on some Traditional Economic Solutions to poverty in Nigeria, specifically the Igbo Apprentice System, Yoruba Ajo Thrift Savings, and Hausa Integral Communalism. Rethinking Economics The Uploaders (RETU) invites you to a webinar with influential academics from Nigeria to lecture on three traditional economic solutions to poverty: the Igbo Apprenticeship System, the Yoruba Ajo Thrift Savings, and the Hausa Communalism. The event aims to educate on how these Nigerian traditional economic systems work, propose that they be included in the college Economics curriculum, and advise on how their principles can be applied at both micro and macro levels to lift many people out of poverty.

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About the Organizers: Rethinking Economics The Uploaders (RETU) is a Nigerian based network of students and professionals working to build better economics in class and society. It is affiliated with Rethinking Economics International.

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