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Feminist economics is everything. The revolution is now!

Lebohang Pheko
TedTalks, 2020
Level: beginner
Perspective: Feminist Economics
Topic: Inequality & Class, Race & Gender, Social movements & Transformation
Format: Lecture / Presentation
Duration: 00:17:42

A feminist discourse directed against mainstream economics and the prevailing ideology of structural adjustment policies considered as orthodoxy that has given white men the privilege of defining the economy, our choices, and our consumerism. In this lecture, the neoclassical economy is confronted with the feminist economy, arguing the importance of the need for new revolutionary models and ideas. The author presents the feminist alternative of economic thought based on its two ethical principles which are the ethics of love and the ethics of relationships, criticizing the current system of organizing the economy as the cause of the gap between rich and poor. According to the author, the ideology of white men embodied in this system does not provide opportunities for majority decision-making but privileges a minority that decides on all economic issues. 

Comment from our editors:

The growing interest in feminist economic thought is inevitably linked to institutional economic thought. The point where the feminist school meets the institutionalist school is precisely economic ontology; in this case dominance. Historical institutionalism presents us with the roots of today's male-based structures as well as the mentalities inherited from the archaic period. The synthesis of the institutionalist school with the feminist one could be a new paradigm of the future, where the development of instrumental institutions serves to increase the role of women in the economy and politics. The discursive institutionalism applied in the feminist school would pave the way for new alternatives of thinking beyond neoclassical orthodoxy.

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