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Carolina Alves on Heterodox Economics, Diversity in Academia, and the Global South

Carolina Alves
Hear This Idea, 2020
Level: beginner
Perspectives: Epistemologies of the south, Feminist Economics
Topic: North-South Relations & Development, Race & Gender, Reflection of Economics
Format: Podcast
Duration: 1:22:14

In this episode of the podcast "Hear this idea", the guest is Dr. Carolina Alves, the Joan Robinson Research Fellow in Heterodox Economics at Girton College, Cambridge. She is also a co-founder of D-Econ: Diversifying and Decolonizing Economics Initiative. Carolina Alves' work focuses on macroeconomics and international political economy, with a particular emphasis on her home-country Brazil. Carolina Alves first explains what Heterodox Economics is, how it differs from mainstream Economics, and the inherent difficulty in reaching a precise definition. The discussion then delves into the political debate surrounding Heterodox Economics, highlighting that viewing it solely through a left-right divide may be overly simplistic. Finally, Carolina Alves elaborates on D-Econ's mission to promote greater inclusivity in the field of Economics concerning gender, race, and representation from the Global South.

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