Previous Teaching Programs

Pluralist Economics Teaching Fellowship 2022

The Pluralist Economics Teaching Fellowship was designed to give economic lecturers inspiration on how to create pluralist/heterodox economics courses or adopt current teaching material. The online course provided concrete examples and tools on how to diversify economics teaching and created a space to exchange among fellow teachers. It was organised around six lectures with input from different lecturers on examples, techniques and principles for pluralist teaching. 

Innovation and Pluralism in Teaching Economics 2021

The project "Innovation and Pluralism in Teaching Economics" aimed to increase the content knowledge and teaching skills of junior faculty in Egypt in relation to innovative, plural and heterodox approaches in economics. Through a series of four workshops introducing pluralist and heterodox economics, the participants were supported in the design and realization of their own teaching material based on their specific contexts.

Pluralist Economics Fellowship

Each year, students from Minerva University were selected for the Pluralist Economics Fellowship during their semester in Berlin (winter term). During the fellowship, they contributed as editors to Exploring Economics. Editors suggest, asses and create new material for the e-learning platform. The fellows gained experience in academic writing and publishing, enriched their knowledge of economic schools of thought, and worked closely with the Exploring Economics Team and the Minerva supervisors. Over the course of the fellowship, the candidates produce essays and dossiers for Exploring Economics, which can be found under the above link, and at the same time earne credits at their home institution.


This project is brought to you by the Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.).  It is committed to diversity and independence and is dependent on donations from people like you. Regular or one-off donations would be greatly appreciated.