Debaleena Goswami

is a researcher in the field of Finance, working at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur, and interested in diverse perspectives and the interaction of a multitude of factors influencing economic parameters. Currently focusing on sustainability and resilience building via structural economic changes. Additionally obsessed with Marxist economics, feminist and gender viewpoints and behavioural analysis.

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Debaleena contributed to the following content

Level: beginner
The infographic focuses on women's hidden work that goes unrewarded due to the patriarchal setup and how it can be economically analysed. The article on which the infographic is based is written in an Indian context, although the phenomenon isn't confined to a single nation alone.
Level: advanced
This course covers recent advances in behavioral economics by reviewing some of the assumptions made in mainstream economic models, and by discussing how human behavior systematically departs from these assumptions.


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