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Frieder Zaspel

Graduate student at the University of Hamburg, Germany. Educational background in (economic) sociology, political economy and macroeconomics, in particular finance and financialization. Other interests include yoga, climbing, contemporary art and French literature.

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Frieder contributed to the following content

Level: beginner
Was ist Inflation? Warum ist sie relevant? Und gibt es eine einheitliche Theorie über ihre Wurzeln und Ursachen, oder ist sie ein umstrittenes Konzept? Genau darum geht es in diesem Text: Wir definieren, was Inflation eigentlich bedeutet, bevor wir uns mit einem interdisziplinären und pluralistischen Ansatz in die theoretische Debatte stürzen: Wie entsteht sie, welche Faktoren können sie beeinflussen, und was kann man dagegen tun?
Level: beginner
What’s inflation? Why is it relevant? And is there an agreed theory about its roots and causes, or is it a contentious concept? That’s what this text is all about: We define what inflation actually means before we delve into the theoretical debate with an interdisciplinary and pluralist approach: What gives rise to it, what factors might influence it, and, consequently, what might be done about it?
Level: advanced
How exactly are persisting social inequalities and the operations of modern finance connected? Adam Tooze provides a detailed answer to a still relevant problem by focusing on the Great Financial Crisis and the role of the finance industry in the USA.


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