Shifting Economy – Your practical toolkit to enter the Next Economies

Emmanuel Mossay, Michel de Kemmeter
Level: beginner
Publisher: Wise Holding - Otherways scrl
Perspective: Other
Topic: Buen Vivir, Commons, Crisis, Diverse, Innovation, methodology, teaching material
page count: 241 pages


The guideline of SHIFTING ECONOMY is the quest of purpose in economy, the quest of ethics in business - with tools that can be used on the field. It is also an invitation to all decision-makers to imagine and implement new dreams to connect human beings, and transform the grief of the planetary village into human happiness.

Book summary

Homo sapiens is now evolving into post economy. The New Economy must manage scarcity and affluence, a dual problem that is not integrated into the main classical economic theories. There will be an important shock between opulence, described by the economist John Kenneth Galbraith in The Affluent Society, and scarcity on planet Earth. The only planet we have. There is no planet B. This book present itself as a toolbox for economic transition. And it provides tools that can be used for economic development. Free access:

Comment from our editors:

This book provides us a toolkit to a better understanding of the new challenges and the new economy: How to build brigdes to the New Economic Game, How to self-evaluate our organisation, what is systemic economy.... It help us to identify possibles ways for the future of economy.

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