Postcolonialism Meets Economics

S. Charusheela, Eiman O. Zein-Elabdin
Level: mittel
Verlag: Psychology Press
Perspektive: Other
Thema: Kapitalismus, Sonstiges, Nord-Süd Beziehungen, Racism
Seitenzahl: 288 Seiten


The wide array of contributions to this book draw on the rapidly growing body of postcolonial studies to critique both orthodox and heterodox economics. This book addresses a large gap in postcolonial studies, which lacks the type of sophisticated analysis of economic questions that it displays in its analysis of culture. The intellectual and disciplinary terrain covered within this book spans economics, history, anthropology, philosophy, literary theory, political science and women's studies.

Komentar von unseren Editor:innen:

Valuable contributions from postcolonial theory on how societies have developed has yet to make an impact on economic theory. These contributions could help us better understand the role of colonial societies in shaping today's capitalist economic system.

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