Heterodox Economics – Legacy and Prospects

Heterodox Economics
Lynne Chester and Tae-Hee Jo
World Economics Association Books, 2022
Level: leicht
Perspective: Other
Topic: Economic History, Reflection of Economics
page count: 365 pages
ISBN: 9781911156611


A critical and surprisingly novel collection, by an outstanding group of contributors, that explores the nature of, and prospects for, heterodoxy from numerous angles. It is not always the case that an edited collection yields a set of contributions that cohere around the intended theme. This one does. – Tony Lawson, Emeritus Professor of Economics and Philosophy, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge (UK)

The unravelling of the predominant neoliberal model provides a timely opportunity to freshly examine the current state of heterodox economic alternatives. With original and sagely crafted papers, this new edited volume of scholarship from senior and junior scholars covers economic history, theory, ideology, methodology, interdisciplinarity, and relevance of and limits to pluralism, and will assuredly energize heterodox economist practitioners, as intended. – Deborah M. Figart, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Economics, Stockton University (USA)

This book ist part of the alternative reading list 2022 by Diversifying and Decolonising Economics (D-Econ). The editors comment has been provided by D-Econ and can also be found on the list, which was compiled by Devika Dutt, Danielle Guizzo, and Ingrid Kvangraven.

Comment from our editors:

This is an important contribution that defends the importance of heterodox economics. It discusses what constitutes heterodox economics as an intellectual, social, and political project, with a range of contributions from leading heterodox thinkers coming from a diversity of theoretical vantage points. Some of the key identifying aspects of heterodox economics that are identified are its interdisciplinarity, openness, relevance for understanding the real world, pluralism, and social concerns. The purpose of the edited collection is to provide a constructive account of the future of heterodox economics, and it does so in a way that will be intriguing for many readers, including those less familiar with heterodox economics.


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