The History of Austrian Economics

Schwierigkeit: leicht
Israel Kirzner | Foundation for Economic Education - YouTube, 2011

Perspektive: Austrian Economics
Thema: Geschichte des ökonomischen Denkens
Format: Vorlesung , Dauer: 58:11

In this lecture, Prof. Israel Kirzner, Emeritus Professor of Economics at New York University and one of the central figures in Austrian economics in the second half on the 20th century, presents a historical overview of the development of the Austrian school. The talk covers a timespan from the beginnings of the Austrian School in the early 1870's till just before the more recent 'revival' of the School in the mid-1970's.

To cite Prof. Kirzner: "In the case of Austrian Economics it is the case that one will not understand central ideas in the Austrian corpus of economic thought without understanding the development."

Comment from our editor team:

This gives a balanced perspective that does not engage in more recent polemics. Hence, it is relevant historical material for understanding the core of Austrian Economics.