Sufficiency Politics Map

Level: leicht
Dominik Zahrnt, Angelika Zahrnt | Institute for Ecological Economy Research, 2016
Sufficiency Politics Map

Perspektive: Ökologische Ökonomik
Thema: Soziale Bewegungen & Transformation, Ressourcen & Umwelt
Format: Interaktiver Graph

The Sufficiency Politics Map is an online tool for initiatives, political actors, organisations and individuals. It provides recommendations, strategies and communication tools for realizing projects and policy around the topic sufficiency. Sufficiency projects have the aim to reduce one's own ecological footprint. The tool exemplary presents concrete projects and proposes how to translate sufficiency into different policy areas such as labour policy, consumption and education. Moreover, the politics map provides definitions of the terms sustainability, post growth, sufficiency and sufficiency policy and recommends literature on the topics.


The page is available in English and German