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Recovering Post-Independence Food Sovereignty for the COVID-19 Crisis

Jihen Chandoul
Post-Colonialisms Today: postcolonialisms.regionsrefocus.org, 2020
Level: beginner
Perspectives: Institutionalist Economics, Other
Topic: (De-)growth, Crises, Criticism of Capitalism, Economic History, Globalization & International Economic Relations, Microeconomics & Markets, North-South Relations & Development, Resources, Environment & Climate
Format: Lecture / Presentation
Duration: 00:09:13
Link: https://youtu.be/bQXBnlntEmk

Jihen Chandoul, a member of the Post-Colonialisms Today Working Group, discusses the impact of import-dependency on African food supply chains since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Closures of land, sea, and air borders have resulted in a dramatic decline in imported goods, the main source of food supply in Africa. Lessons can be found in the policies of early post-independence African governments, which recognized the importance of food self-sufficiency, both to ensure a stable food supply chain and as a necessary condition to protect their sovereignty.

Comment from our editors:

This presentation was part of the Post-Colonialisms Today webinar, “Lessons from the Decolonization Era in Confronting the COVID-19 Crisis.”

Go to: Recovering Post-Independence Food Sovereignty for the COVID-19 Crisis


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