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Lessons for Today from Egypt’s Post-Independence Industrialization

Kareem Megahed, Omar Ghannam, and Heba Khalil
Post-Colonialisms Today: postcolonialisms.regionsrefocus.org, 2020
Level: advanced
Perspective: Other
Topic: (De-)growth, Criticism of Capitalism, Globalization & International Economic Relations, Institutions, Governments & Policy, Microeconomics & Markets, Money & Debt, North-South Relations & Development
Format: Panel Discussion
Duration: 00:04:01
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkKf14hfYCQ

Kareem Megahed, Omar Ghannam and Heba Khalil, from Post-Colonialisms Today, provide insights on the early post-independence industrialization project in Egypt, in which the state played a central coordinating role. This included control over most of the industrial production in the nation, focusing primarily on larger factories which employed a great number of people. The presenters discuss the importance of state intervention, while also sharing their ideas on how to avoid the shortcomings from this period, such as bureaucracy, while also promoting political representation for working class people.

Comment from our editors:

This video is part of the Post-Colonialisms Today Intergenerational Dialogue in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Go to: Lessons for Today from Egypt’s Post-Independence Industrialization


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