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Economics for People

Ha-Joon Chang
Institute for New Economic Thinking, 2019
Grado: debutante
Perspective: Otros
Topic: Reflexión sobre economía
Format: Video explicativo

Economists like to claim that they can explain everything. But does that really hold up?

In this series produced by the Institute for New Economic Thinking the economist, Ha-Joon Chang explains key concepts in economics. Each lecture lasts between 25 - 50 minutes and a great variety of topics is covered. The History of Economic Thought website has sorted the single lectures with accompanying materials:

Episode 1a – The Nature of Economics

Episode 1b – Five Reasons Why Economics is Political

Episode 2 – What is Wrong with Globalisation?

Episode 3 – Conceptualizing the Individual

Episode 4 – Can Economics Help Us Save the Planet, Part 1?

Episode 5 – Why are Some Countries Rich and Others Poor?

Episode 6 – Will Robots Take Your Job?

Episode 7 – Inequality: what is it and why does it matter?

Episode 8 – Production: The nature of production and its evolution

Episode 9 – The Role of the State

Episode 10 – Finance and Financial Crises

Episode 11 – Can Economics Help Us Save the Planet, Part 2

Episode 12 – Industrial Policy

Comment from our editors:

Ha-Joon Chang's contribution is a crucial wrap-up on the economic discipline. In a popular scientific way he is able to explain what dominant paradigms are, the importance of Economics for public life and the importance of heterodox Economics for both acadamic and non-academic listeners. Highly recommended!

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