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War in Economic Theories over Time – Assessing the True Economic, Social and Political Costs

War in Economic Theories over Time
Renata Allio
Springer Nature, 2020
Level: advanced
Perspective: Other
Topic: Economic History, Globalization & International Economic Relations, Reflection of Economics
page count: 285 pages
ISBN: 9783030396176


This book offers the first systematic analysis of economic thought concerning war. It retraces debates on war from the formation of European states, the rise of Mercantilism, to Colonialism, Imperialism, the World Wars and the Cold War. Allio shows different economic perspectives from which it is possible to study war as a tool to achieve economic ends: causes, consequences, costs, funding methods, and effects on the economic status of the state and on the well-being of citizens. Examining interpretations from Smith, Hobson, Keynes, Kalecki, Stiglitz and many more, this important volume addresses the economic implications of war from the perspectives of many who bore the costs of wars in reality.

Comment from our editors:

Renata Allio's book is a highly valuable contribution to economics and a must-read for all pluralist(-curious) economists. The book provides for a well-structured reconstruction of economic theories concerning war and conflict, which is especially useful because it embeds each different perspective on war in the historical setting it originates in. The book is especially useful in times, in which the War in Ukraine is making headlines, while geopolitical tensions between power blocs are rising.

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