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Value and Crisis – Essays on Labour, Money and Contemporary Capitalism

Value and Crisis
Alfredo Saad Filho
Haymarket Books, 2020
Level: advanced
Perspective: Marxian Political Economy
Topic: Crises, Criticism of Capitalism, Money & Debt, Other
page count: 363 pages
ISBN: 9781642591903


Value and Crisis brings together selected essays written by Alfredo Saad-Filho, one of the most prominent Marxist political economists writing today. Divided into two parts, "Essays on the Theory of Value" and "Essays on Contemporary Capitalism," this book examines the labour theory of value from a rich and innovative perspective from which fresh insights are derived. In this volume, Saad-Filho cogently discusses the nature of neoliberalism, financialisation, inflation, monetary policy, the contradictions, limitations and crises of contemporary capitalism, and more.

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