New Developments in Economic Education

Franklin Graves Mixon, Richard J. Cebula
Edward Elgar, 2014
Level: advanced
Perspective: Other
Topic: -
page count: 255 pages
ISBN: 9781782549710


This innovative book offers targeted strategies for effectively and efficiently teaching economics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It provides professors and other teachers of economics various techniques to engage and retain the interest of students, and challenges them to apply both knowledge and methodological tools to a range of economic problems. Each chapter in this volume addresses a specific topic in the teaching of economics, with the overall goal of deepening students’ understanding of economic reasoning and providing the tools required to apply that knowledge and insight to real-world problems. The contributors discuss a broad range of techniques and strategies, from syllabus creation to effective classroom demonstrations to the use of literature and film in illustrating economic principles, all of which provide fascinating insights and ideas for improving the overall quality of economics education. Teachers of economics at all levels – particularly university and college professors – will find this book invaluable in their efforts to improve their teaching strategies and methods and provide high-quality economics education to future generations of scholars.


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