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Heterodox Macroeconomics – Keynes, Marx and Globalization

Heterodox Macroeconomics
Goldstein, Jonathan P.; Hillard, Michael G
Routledge, 2009
Level: advanced
Perspective: Institutionalist Economics, Marxian Political Economy, Neoclassical Economics, Other, Post-Keynesian Economics
Topic: Macroeconomics
page count: 301 pages
ISBN: 9780415665971


Heterodox Macroeconomics offers a detailed understanding of the foundations of the recent global financial crisis. The chapters, from a selection of leading academics in the field of heterodox macroeconomics, carry out a synthesis of heterodox ideas that place financial instability, macroeconomic crisis, rising global inequality and a grasp of the perverse and pernicious qualities of global and domestic macroeconomic policy making since 1980 into a coherent perspective. It familiarizes the reader with the emerging unified theory of heterodox macroeconomics and its applications.


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