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Handbook of Financial Markets – Dynamics and Evolution

Handbook of Financial Markets
Thorsten Hens, Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppé
North Holland, 2009
Level: advanced
Perspective: Behavioral Economics, Evolutionary Economics
Topic: Microeconomics & Markets, Money & Debt
page count: 584 pages
ISBN: 9780123742582


The models of portfolio selection and asset price dynamics in this volume seek to explain the market dynamics of asset prices. Presenting a range of analytical, empirical, and numerical techniques as well as several different modeling approaches, the authors depict the state of debate on the market selection hypothesis. By explicitly assuming the heterogeneity of investors, they present models that are descriptive and normative as well, making the volume useful for both finance theorists and financial practitioners.

* Explains the market dynamics of asset prices, offering insights about asset management approaches
* Assumes a heterogeneity of investors that yields descriptive and normative models of portfolio selections and asset pricing dynamics


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