Essays in the History of Heterodox Political Economy

Warren J. Samuels
NYU Press, 1992
Level: advanced
Perspective: Other
Topic: Reflection of Economics
page count: 368 pages
ISBN: 9780814779460


This book is a collection of articles on topics and individuals within the history of heterodox economic thought, approached from a heterodox perspective. The principal topics are the nature and scope of economics as an intellectual venture; realistic theories of the economic role of government, including the economy as a system of power and its legal bases; and economics as "psychic balm," professionalized discourse, and social control. Among the individuals whose work is singled out are Edward Bellamy, Thorstein Veblen, Edwin E. Witte, Robert Lee Hale, John Kenneth Galbraith, Thurman Arnold, Gardiner C. Means, and Joan Robinson.


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