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Economic Responsibility – John Maurice Clark - A Classic on Economic Responsibility

Economic Responsibility
Michaela Haase
Springer, 2017
Level: advanced
Perspective: Institutionalist Economics
Topic: Globalization & International Economic Relations, Other
page count: 263 pages
ISBN: 9783319520995


John Maurice Clark’s article “The Changing Basis of Economic Responsibility,“ published in the Journal of Political Economy, is the topical starting point for all scholars interested in economic responsibility and responsible economic action. John Maurice Clark (1884-1963), a leading institutional economist, reflected on the consequences of the social and economic change taking place at the turn of the last century for the responsibility of individuals, businesses, and corporations and called for the development of an economics of responsibility. This book contains in-depth articles by scholars from within and beyond economics who continue on the Clark project or address actual problems calling for economic responsibility in the light of his approach.


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