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An Introduction to International Economics – New Perspectives on the World Economy

An Introduction to International Economics
Kenneth A. Reinert
Cambridge University Press, 2011
Level: advanced
Perspective: Other
Topic: Globalization & International Economic Relations, Money & Debt
page count: 502 pages
ISBN: 9780521177108


This book is designed for a one-semester or two-semester course in international economics, primarily targeting non-economics majors and programs in business, international relations, public policy, and development studies. It has been written to make international economics accessible to wide student and professional audiences. The book assumes a minimal background in microeconomics and mathematics and goes beyond the usual trade-finance dichotomy to give equal treatment to four "windows" on the world economy: international trade, international production, international finance, and international development. It takes a practitioner point of view rather than a standard academic view, introducing the student to the material they need to become effective analysts in international economic policy. The Web site for the text may be found at


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