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Let's build the economics education of the future!

Via offering syllabi, curricula, e-books, and other resources, we help lecturers to organize and innovate their teaching.

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 Send us your syllabus

We collect syllabi, transform them into teaching material and publish them on Exploring Economics. You can contribute to our e-teaching platform by sending us your syllabus.

Your syllabus should contain the following elements:

  • Title, topic and content description of your course
  • Break down of class units with the content, learning aim, readings of each class
  • Pedagogical remarks on how to teach the individual class units
  • You can send us slides and additional material to complement your syllabus
  • You may focus on one specific class unit, block seminars or workshop-like formats instead of a standard semester course 

Your syllabus can have one of these formats:

  • Document, as Word or PDF
  • Presentation as Power Point or Prezi
  • Export or pubic link from your Learning Management System (LMS), like Moodle, GoogleClassroom or Edmodo


Send us your syllabus


 Donate a Wiki Article

We are building up an online-based pluralist economics wiki in cooperation with www.wiwi-wiki.net. You can support us by contributing a wiki article on your field of expertise. Learn more about how to write a wiki article here.


Suggest a Wiki Article

Become a teaching fellow

As a teaching fellow, we will accompany you for one semester and offer our support to enrich one or several classes of yours. There are three different levels of cooperation during the Exploring Economics teaching fellowship.

 Level A: Use our material in teaching

As a teaching fellow, we will accompany you for one semester and offer our support to enrich one or several classes of yours. There are three different levels of cooperation during the Exploring Economics teachers fellowship. We provide an introduction to Pluralist Economics in the form of 13 infographics and high-quality introductory articles of ten schools of thought in economics. Our visualisation of Pluralist Economics follows an own standing scientific categorization that was developed for Exploring Economics:

 Making the incommensurable comparable: a comparative approach to pluralist economics education.

We offer an evaluation of the material used in teaching. Your university or institute can additionally appear on the Exploring Economics website as a user of the material.


 Level B: Offer new possibilities for your students

Students can use Exploring Economics for self-education (e.g. the  Orientation section in order to get an overview of different schools of thought or the  Discover section for student research on specific topics)

Students can as well create new learning material in class and gain experience in publishing while gaining credits: Offer course examinations consisting of the production of an essay, dossier, wiki article or creative content. The production and review process are supported by the Exploring Economics academic team.


 Level C: Share and create learning material

You can record lectures and make them available for the Pluralist Economics Youtube Channel under a creative commons license.
You can make your learning and teaching material (e.g. course syllabi, reading lists and instructions, lecture slides, exercises) available for Exploring Economics under a creative commons license.

You can create teaching essays or teaching dossiers to share your teaching experiences with students and other teachers internationally. You and your institution can co-create Learning material (as teaching manuals and readers, lecture series and slides, MOOCS) together with Exploring Economics and external funders.


How to register

Fill out the contact form and tell us something about your teaching background, your affiliation and your preferred level of cooperation. We will then get back to you with more detailed information on how to proceed.

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This project is brought to you by the Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.).  It is committed to diversity and independence and is dependent on donations from people like you. Regular or one-off donations would be greatly appreciated.