The editorial work

There are four main tasks for the editorial team

 Review suggested material

You review the new content, which has been suggested via the online form, and either modify, reject it or publish it. The material should be relevant for EE (see here for our guidelines on the academic standards)

 Search for new content

Editors can also look for new content themselves just as persons active on level A "Material Scout" do.

 Keep the platform updated

Since the platform is online since December 2016, some of our linked content could be expired or irrelevant by now.

You check and note whether the content was

  • correctly uploaded,
  • still relevant,
  • duplicative,
  • assigned correctly,
  • has an incomplete summary
  • has an editor comment or
  • if all links are still working.

 Participate in editorial discussions

The editor group provides a space for discussion and experience exchange on challenges and best practice tips for scouting new material. 

This could be e.g. which platforms and other techniques you are using for scouting material, what type of contributions are especially relevant or missing in the discover section, or how you could strategically expand the scope and depth of the material on EE. We encourage and aim to support inter-disciplinary and multi-paradigmatic work. Meaning that you should feel encouraged to work together on specific material submissions.

There should be an open-minded and supportive way of sharing knowledge, expertise and opinions so that each editor can learn new aspects of the respective perspective or topic.


This project is brought to you by the Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.).  It is committed to diversity and independence and is dependent on donations from people like you. Regular or one-off donations would be greatly appreciated.