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The origins of Ukraine’s debt dependence

Alexander Kravchuk
Commons: Journal for Social Criticism, 2015
Level: advanced
Perspectives: Marxian Political Economy, Other
Topic: Economic History, Globalization & International Economic Relations, Money & Debt, North-South Relations & Development
Format: Journal Article & Book Chapter

In this piece Alexander Kravchuk gives an overview over the history of dept dependency in Ukraine, highlighting especially the role of international creditors and the negative socio-economic impacts of debt dependency for the Ukrainian economy.

Comment from our editors:

Although already a bit older, the piece provides a comprehensive overview over the history of public debt in Ukraine, which helps to understand the structure of the Ukrainian Economy and its high level of dependency on international creditors in the run-up to the escalation of crisis beginning in 2014. This underlines the importance of debt forgiveness as a key domain of solidarity with Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion.

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