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The Age of Uncertainty Episode 3 Karl Marx The Massive Dissent

John Kenneth Galbraith
BBC, CBC, KCET and OECA, 1977
Level: beginner
Perspectives: Institutionalist Economics, Marxian Political Economy
Topic: Reflection of Economics
Format: Documentary
Duration: 00:56:11

The documentary proceeds along the lines of Karl Marx' biography, inquiring into his workings as a journalist, social scientist, revolutionary and historian and his travels through Europe. In chronological order historical events, such as the 1848 revolution or the Paris Commune as well as concepts such as dialectics, the labour theory of value or the reform-revolution debate are revisited. The documentary is narrated by John Kenneth Galbraith and by an actor, who plays Marx and recites quotes from his writings.

Go to: The Age of Uncertainty Episode 3 Karl Marx The Massive Dissent


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