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Epistemic Humility and Rethinking Economics

Julika Frome, Merve Burnazoglu
Rethinking Economics NL, 2021
Level: beginner
Perspectives: Feminist Economics, Other
Topic: Microeconomics & Markets, North-South Relations & Development, Race & Gender
Format: Podcast
Duration: 1:08:45

The Rethinking Podcast brings diverse and plural ideas in economics from people both in and outside of the field, to create a broader perspective on economics and the economy we're living in. Have you ever heard of epistemic humility? In this episode, Merve Burnazoglu talks about economic education in multiple countries. They discuss teaching economics and doing a PhD which includes topics such as migration and the European Union. They also focus on topics around working in finance and being a part of multiple organizations in the economic field.

The series is available on YouTube, but also on all the podcast platforms and is published on a monthly basis!

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