Policies to avert stagnation: The Crisis and the Future(s) of the Euro

Mark Blyth
IMK, 2015
Level: beginner
Topic: Crisis
Format: Lecture
Duration: 00:22:30
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fP6YSCpm8g

Mark Blyth criticises the political inability to solve the persistent economic crisis in Europe against the background of a deflationary environment. Ideological blockades and impotent institutions are the mutually reinforcing causes of European stagnation. The deeper roots lie in the structural change of the economic system since the 1980s, when neoliberalism emerged as hegemonic ideology. This ideology prepared the ground for austerity and resulting deflationary pressures and a strategy of all seeking to export their way out of trouble. Worryingly this is breeding populist and nationalist resentments in Europe.


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